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Drawer Cabinets, Machine Tool Cabinets and Industrial Cabinets

Drawer Cabinets

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General Description

The robust cabinet housing is made from a single piece of sheetsteel casing with profile and welded carrier elements at the front and rear. Cabinets are fitted with recessed vinyl tops as a standard feature, but can be fitted with laminated saligna work tops.

Work tops are made from laminated saligna timber commercially grown in the Eastern Province of South Africa with bullnose rounded edges and fitted with backstay. The drawer handles have two marking areas (for colour coding and content descriptions) secured by plastic end caps.

The dual action, central locking system with barrel lock and single drawer release button, will prevent inadvertent opening of more than one drawer. Barrel locks are supplied with two keys. The arrangement of the locking system prevents any force on lock or key. Drawer cabinets are factory fitted with floor anchoring brackets.


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