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Metmeister - Manufactured To Last

Top Manufacturer Of Workshop And Storage Systems

Metmeister - manufacturer of outstanding quality industrial furniture. Excellent design, sound engineering and continuous innovations guarantee product reliability and returns on investment.

Please contact us, we will give you professional advice at no charge. Using products, layouts for storage and workplaces can be CAD designed for applications in motor car plants, service stations, workshops, pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging, training centres, museums, aviation and public service. Our goals are to achieve efficient working conditions through quick access to tools or parts, optimized storage space, organised and safe workplaces, this will ensure a motivated workforce.

If you have worked with us before you will know that Metmeister prides itself on being more than a storage systems manufacturer. We're a solutions company, tailor-making hardworking, hardwearing and, we humbly suggest, rather attractive storage systems and workbenches. Our passion for world-class standards means that each piece stands as a testimony to our motto "Manufactured to last".

Please view our Online Catalogue or download our catalogue in PDF format - Metmeister Catalogue.